08 february / 2019

Diplomat’s Day wreath-laying ceremony

On February 8 in anticipation of Diplomats’ Day, celebrated in Russia on February 10, the officials of the Russian Embassy in Addis Ababa held a ceremony of wreath-laying to the tomb of the Russian diplomat Konstantin Lishin, Minister-resident of the Russian Empire to Abyssinia, who laid the foundation of bilateral relations between Russia and Ethiopia.

The Ambassador of Russia Vsevolod Tkachenko made a speech in which he highly appreciated the professionalism of the Russian diplomacy and made a special mention not only of the diplomats who came to Abyssinia more than a century ago for establishing cooperative bilateral ties but also researchers, officers, doctors, writers that also linked their fates with this country. The Ambassador congratulated the colleagues on the professional holiday and addressed the high-school students who assisted at the ceremony with words of encouragement.

The event was crowned with a church service, held by the dean of the Greek Orthodox Church in Addis Ababa father Christomos and placing of flowers to the tombs of other compatriots buried on the Abyssinian land.