03 april

All-Russian political party United Russia held consultations with the Ethiopian Prosperity Party

The Parties agreed on the visit of the delegation of the Russian party to Addis Ababa this summer.

In the framework of developing international interparty activity, United Russia is intensifying contacts with responsible political forces of the African continent. In the context of this process, on March 23, first online video-consultations were held between the United Russia and Prosperity Party of Ethiopia.

Negotiations were conducted by Mr. A. Klimov, Deputy Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia, member of Council of the Federation (the upper house of the Parliament of the Russian Federation) and Mr. Awelu Abdi, Head of Public and International Relations Department of the Ethiopian Prosperity Party. During the talks, the two Sides agreed on organizing a visit of the Russian party delegation to Addis Ababa this summer.

“Ethiopia is the heart of Africa. It is in the capital of your country where the headquarter of the African Union is situated, I am planning to visit it as well during my upcoming trip” – said Mr. Klimov.

Mr. Awelu, in his turn, emphasized that Russia has been a good friend of Ethiopia for many years. “I am glad that our parties, the ruling parties of our countries, will be now developing cooperation, which we initiated today, on a wide range of issues”.