05 july / 2019

On Parliamentary Conference “Russia – Africa”

Within the framework of the Second International Forum «Development of Parliamentarism», organized by the State Duma of the Russian Federation in Moscow, Parliamentary Conference “Russia – Africa” took place. In between the discussions, Mr. Tagesse Chaffo Dallo, the Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives of Ethiopia, gave a short interview to the Federal News Agency about the development of relations between Russia and Ethiopia.

«Diplomatic relations between our countries have been established more than 120 years ago. Your country has helped us during the Italo-Ethiopian war, a Russian hospital is still working in Ethiopia, – reminded the Speaker of the Ethiopian Parliament. – Nowadays, we have good, cordial relations; we cooperate in the sphere of politics, technology and education. For example, 24 000 of our citizens got higher education in Russia. At this forum, we are willing to strengthen our parliamentary relations».

According to Mr. Tagesse Chaffo Dallo, Russian laws “in the original” will not fit the Ethiopian parliamentary system, but may inspire it.

«We have our own future, our own society, unique culture and political sphere. Our path of development is completely different, – said Tagesse. – But we are interested in getting your experience of forming up the relations between the Parliament and the Government, an experience of interacting and controlling the different power structures».

The Speaker of the Ethiopian Parliament stressed that such topics as countering terrorism and cybercrime, as well as humanitarian issues drew a special interest of the Ethiopian delegation at the Forum.

The Chairperson of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Mr. Vyacheslav Volodin, during his meeting with Mr. Tagesse stressed that Ethiopia remains to be one of the key partners of Russia in Africa.

«Participation in the «Russia – Africa» Conference gives the two parties an additional opportunity to discuss various issues, compare positions, elaborate on common decisions and give an impetus to further cooperation», – Mr. Volodin pointed out.

«As you have correctly noted, our two countries are united by long-standing relations. We are grateful for the traditional support rendered to us by Russia, – added Tagesse Chaffo. – We are united not only by political and diplomatic relations, but also by cultural links».

«We are united by the common past – an outstanding poet Alexander Pushkin. On my way to work I always pass Pushkin square», – noticed the Speaker of the Ethiopian Parliament.